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The name of our Dojo, the SHURI KARATE DOJO, is hugely significant within the traditional martial art of karate from Okinawa.

Karate, originally developed on the small island of Okinawa, was the birth place of much of the karate we see today. However, with karate being introduced to the mainland of Japan in the late 1920's, much of what we see as karate today is not the original "old ways" (Koryu) karate. Formerly known as "Tode" or "Ti". Today most karate schools teach a modern sport orientated karate, with much of the original techniques removed or at least unrelated to any form of self-defence. To most dojo the kata are seen as a way to pass an exam and obtain the next belt, rather than the complete self-protection system that are the classical kata with the effective techniques contained within them.

Many Karate masters of the time originated from the small village of SHURI and many of its exponents called their system of Karate, SHURI-te (literally - hand of SHURI).

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At the time most of the karate on the island of Okinawa was of the "Koryu" (old ways) school of training. The kata and techniques were developed to protect their lives in an uncertain and often dangerous environment.

The SHURI KARATE DOJO is dedicated to promoting and preserving these "old ways".


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