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Okinawan Karate History


In ancient budo history "the island of Okinawa" has been acknowledged as the "birth place" and the sanctuary of Traditional Karate Do; Originally known as "Tode" it's history profoundly forged in Fujian China; where the traditional fighting skills and philosophies were passed down to the Ryu Kyuan people.

Shuri-te (首里手Okinawan: Suidii) is a pre- World War ll term for a type of martial art indigenous to the area around Shuri, the old capital city of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shuri-Te is the name of the particular type of Okinawan martial art that developed in Shuri, the ancient capital of Okinawa.

One of the early Okinawan masters, To-De Sakugawa (1733-1815) is credited as being one of the initial importers of Chinese martial arts to Okinawa, in particular to Shuri, where he started the development of the Shuri-Te style of Okinawan martial arts.

In years ahead Karate Do would be introduced into mainland Japan by the Okinawan Karate-Do Masters. Today our traditional schools of classical Karate-Do are founded, and mirrored on these time honoured teaching's and philosophies' of the Okinawan Masters; who were the original founders of "Traditional Karate-Do."

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Koichi Nakasone, 9th Dan Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-di Bujutsu
with James Pankiewicz, Asato Dojo, Okinawa.
Photo Credit: Travel67 Chris Wilson Photography


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