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Traditional Okinawan Karate School in the Chicago area, Illinois

Please note we are currently teaching from our private home dojo (see note below).
Classes are by appointment only.


Welcome to the Shuri Karate Dojo website.

We are one of the most authentic traditional karate schools in the Chicago area, originally established in the UK in 1986. We teach traditional Okinawan karate, with the emphasis on self-protection, self-defense, kata, with good discipline and etiquette.

We are the USA "Honbu Dojo" (head school) for the "Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū Shuri-te Karate-do Kokusai Renmei", which is an organization entrusted with passing on and preserving the martial art of the late Takahashi Kentsu (1900 -1994). We are dedicated to the preservation of our art and the cultural traditions and heritage we have been entrusted with for the next generation of students.

Our family art is based on integrity, respect and honor, we believe that positive results are achieved through trust, mutual understanding and enthusiasm. If you are genuine about learning a traditional Okinawan martial art, we then invite you to join our traditional legacy.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and decide to start you karate training at the Shuri Karate Dojo.

  Karate is for everyone irrespective of your age or size, whether you're male or female
  Our karate uses techniques and principles used in actual self-protection
  Our training prepares you for dealing with real unwarranted acts of aggression
  Our karate is based upon old-school tradition and practices
  We do not practice sport or tournament karate

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Adam Carter Hanshi 8th dan

We know the hardest step is the first one, we were all beginners once, so make that important first step with us at the Shuri Karate Dojo. Don't delay, come and JOIN US and become part of our traditional karate family.

"Ichariba chode" (行逢りば兄弟). An Okinawan expression ….. “Though we meet but once, even by chance, we are friends for life.”

  Self Discipline
  Stress Relief
  Anger Management
  Coordination & flexibility

  Culture of Respect
  Fitness & conditioning
  Great for Adults
  Great for Kids

  Friendly (but disciplined) family school
  Train with another family member
  Fully qualified & insured instructors
  Child Protection Policy
  Kids Anti-Bullying & Stranger Safety
  Self-Defense & Self Protection

Please Note:

Our dojo does not accept all applications for membership. We are a traditional dojo where we follow a strict code of conduct and all applications are considered on merit. The dojo is no longer a commercial school and we teach from our home dojo. Therefore we only accept those students who are dedicated and committed to Karate training for the long term.

Note for experienced martial artists: This is a private dojo that is not open to visitors without first gaining permission to train. The dojo exists to take beginners from white belt onwards. It does not cater to experienced martial artists looking for one-off training or transferring from another style.

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Part of the Takahashi-ha Shuri-te Karate family


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