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Stances of Karate



Of primary importance to the successful performance of karate is learning the correct stances.

The word "dachi" and "tachi" have the same meaning. When used with another word; ie. Musubi, then it would be Dachi, (musubi dachi). When used on its own, the word would be Tachi. Below is a list of the stances used at the Shuri Karate Dojo.

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Heisoku dachi Closed foot stance
Musubi dachiOpen Foot Stance / Toes open & heels together
Nami Heiko dachi (heiko dachi)Parallel stance
Soto hachiji dachiOuter figure 8 stance
Uchi hachiji dachiInner figure 8 stance
Heiko dachi (moro ashi dachi)One Foot Forward Stance / natural walking stance
Zenkutsu dachiForward leaning stance
Kokutsu dachiBack leaning stance
Neko ashi dachiCat stance
Kiba dachiHorse riding stance
Naihanchi dachiHigh horse riding stance
Shiko dachiSumo stance
Kosa dachi (kake dachi)Cross leg stance
Sagi ashi dachi (tsuru ashi dachi)Heron (crane) stance
Sanchin dachiThree battles stance, three point stance, hour glass stance, etc
Yoi DachiReady Stance
Kumite DachiFighting Stance



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